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Lagos is a land of milk and honey, and an ideal place for every graduate to serve. If not Lagos, where else? Opportunities abound in Lagos State. You might get big connection, build an empire and live happily ever after if you play your game well. Ex corps members and serving Corps members serving in Lagos keep testifying that everywhere in Lagos is good to serve.

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There are standard companies, schools, industries, banks, etc. So, we shall be looking at the best place or organizations for Corps members to serve in Lagos. Dangote Cement: This is a cement factory owned by the wealthiest black man, Aliko Dangote. Nestle Nigeria: This is one of the richest company in Nigeria. They make food and drinks. Their products include; Harp, Smirnoff, and so on. Emzor: This is an indigenous pharmaceutical industry that was incorporated in Nigeria in Punch Nigeria: This is a news paper company that uphold the value of true democracy by publishing quality news.

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Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. Designed by Humphrey's Group.Immediately you get your camp kits, wear it, no room for causal wears.

best nysc ppa in bayelsa

Only your T-shirt and shorts with the tennis shoe are allowed on you. Parade training starts immediately. The soldiers will not give you breathing space at all. You will have the first one that same Day One. Eat will to avoid fainting during parade.

By pm should be at the parade ground. You have your praise, worship and prayer the Christian and Muslim ways. After the morning admonitions, by 7am, breakfast follows! After eating, you will be called out again for the series of programmes lined up for you.

Then you have your lunch, Rest a little and you are out again for evening parade, then your dinner later. This will repeat itself everyday perhaps except on Sunday.

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Please respect and obey the soldier at the camp ground. Although they are not permitted to beat you, however, they can punish you. No walking, it is all jogging when they call you. Do it the soldier way i. The first stipends of 19, will be given to you in the camp, cash.

All other ones will be through the bank.

NYSC Allawee for all States in Nigeria 2020 (Current Information)

Read- Learn how to protect your yourself from domestic danger while in camp. List of Business you can start with little capital while you are still camping. How to earn cool dollars on facebook account in camp. Only Very Few will be posted to the universities, polytechnics and Colleges. Gone are the days when Corps Members are posted to Banks and Co. Receive the shocking or expected postings as you receive your letters with joy. If you are identified with the Fellowship in camp, you may first report at the temporary lodge they will provide.

Then you could report at your PPA later same day or the following day. When you leave the camp, home- sweet-home will be on your mind, having been used up in the camp life. Few of your employers i. Private and some Government higher education institutions do. The Fellowship too makes arrangement for you at your cost. Commercial transporters will likely be available at the gate too. Choose wisely. The Fellowship may give you a temporary accommodation pending the time you will have to get yours.

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You could be lucky if your employer gives you a room. So be prepared to get shelter at your cost. The problem might be in subsequent monthly allowances. Do all registrations first.Times flies too quickly, and the year of your National Youth Service Corp is finally here.

Is NYSC posting to private companies available to you? Is there a firm that can accept corpers in Lagos? We are sure that many Nigerian young women and men are interested in getting the answers to these and many other questions related to NYSC posting.

Each corper after finishing his or her service is posted to a PPA by the government. Many corpers dream of doing their service in big cities like Abuja and Lagos. Also, some corpers dream of getting NYSC posting to private companies. Here comes the question: What are the names of the companies that accept corpers in Lagos?

Is it possible? The 1-service-year at NYSC should help every member of the National Youth Service Corp to contribute to local communities, explore new cultures and get acquainted with new people. Just in case you are rejected by your primary PPA it can happen when the firm lacks space, finances or accommodationdo not be upset. Think about new awesome chances. There are many ways how you can get connected with companies accept in corpers Lagos.

Why this city? Lagos has many opportunities and higher salaries compared to other Nigerian states, so corpers are always happy to serve here. If you have been assigned to serve in Lagos or have decided to change your posting to this city, you will always find a number of local companies that are happy to hire NYSC corpers. We hope you will find useful the list of the companies that accept corpers in Lagos.

We have prepared it just in case you want to choose this city for your posting. This consulting and ICT solution company is looking for NYSC corpers and other interested Nigerians who wish to join the software development team, get trained for 6 months and, in case of success, to join the staff.

This firm is looking for talented young people who would love to program, design and develop mobile and web software. This Lagos company is in search of junior data entry officer. The company is willing to offer this job to corpers who are computer savvy, understand scanners, Excel, Word, have great English skills and are attentive to details.

This company is looking for a graphics artist as well as a social media officer. It has the official license granted by Nigerian Central Bank, and it is willing to accept corpers in Lagos. You need to understand popular social networks such as Facebook, Instagram, and others. You have to be good at creating professional graphics and videos, publish advertisements and online posts, help the organization with promotions and developing of its social media accounts, be creative and willing to learn and improve your skills constantly.

It is essential to know Photoshop and other graphic design programs, be under 28 years old and have a desire to get this job. These are just some ideas, but you will absolutely find many more companies that accept corpers in Lagos.

Besides, you could be lucky and get primary NYSC posting to private companies across the country, and there will be no necessity to search for new posting destination. We hope our post is useful to NYSC corpers.Adeyemi, actually, it all depends on your locality. D card, free transportation within their states, and many more.

Thanks for the info. I think i already know am going to Legal Aid already. It's alright 'The Law' Am happy to have you here Thanks for stopping by the blog. No Every corp member must belong to one cds. Infact the attendance their is used for signing your monthly payment voucher. Pls let us know in what way you want to contribute to nysctales, by sending us a mail at nysctales gmail.

Where are the best cities for NYSC?

Good morning. I redeployed to Abj in Feb,didn't get a ppa and cds group till April. Now it's time to sign our quarterly assessment form. My cds which is servicom is on mondays and the three times i would have gone were public holidays and me calling sick. Hence I haven't reported at my cds group. Please will this affect my service year and how do I remedy the situation?

best nysc ppa in bayelsa

Nothing can actually affect your service except the nysc office reports and give u query more than 2 times. What it can only affect is your monthly allowance. So always make yourself available to avert further problems or always inform d right people in case of absentism. Pls how will my absent in CDs affect my mothnly allowance? Is it that the federal govt won't pay or what? You will always get paid.

You can only get in trouble with your LGi which you can always sort. Drop your comments here Trending Now. Corpers' Best Friend. Read more. Email This BlogThis! Adeyemi 4 March at Ajayi Damilola 5 March at Hammed 5 March at Ibrahim 6 March at Ajayi Damilola 6 March at Racheal 6 March at Adegeye 6 March at Daniel Chukwu 9 March at Saulawa 1 September at Ajayi Damilola 3 September at Benue ke?

My friend is serving in Markudi and she hates the place. Maybe a different PPA would have favoured her.


I would say, its not necessarily the state u serve o, it is the PPA that matters. I serve in Enugu and my PPA is fucked up. He finds it boring. Anoda one in abia state complains of bad water in her PPA Bende something something, cant recallshe hates the place.

In all, I'd strongly advise you serve close to home. So if your PPA is eventually rubbish, you can always go home during weekends or holidays lol. My 2 cent. Depends on what you want. I wanted my service year to be a thrillingly different experience. I was posted to Bayelsa, served in a riverine area 2hrs from land and I thoroughly enjoyed the experience.

So I'd suggest you just go with the flow. Wherever life takes you, God has a purpose for you?? You know, one time I saw a picture of someone abroad, wearing the complete NYSC uniform, down to his shoes I'll like serve for Jand o, how dem dey work am na? I agree on ph if u re looking for men, my service in ph was fun, the men there are cheerful givers.

I like abj and lagos too, my friend that served in calabar liked it there but above all it all depends on your ppa. I never liked the nysc. But if I had to do it again, I'd pick Calabar. I hear it's a truly wonderful place. And the women there are golden? Thank me later. Advantages; proximity to Lagos so you can easily go for job interviews, relativity lower cost of living, you can also catch some fun if you know where to look.

But if you're looking for a relationship, you might be disappointed. It's the next happening place sha. Ibadan is bae Oyo state is very very okay But for relationship stuffs, Ibadan is just there for me. I'm happy I served in Ibadan. Had a lotta fun in Ibadan,you should choose Oyo state Ibadan is cool,if you want to get away from hustle and bustle of Lagos,and you can always enter Lagos when boredom hits you.

But if you looking for career advancement,happening spots,relationship, night life I suggest you cross it out. It isn't too expensive and safe Just like my dad adviced me.The policy allows every corps member to select four 4 States of their choices to serve which the selection is at random from the six zones of NYSC listed below. You will be asked to choose a state of your choice; this must be a state outside your geopolitical zone. Below is the list of the zones and state to help you in your registration.

First, you need to know that you are leaving your house to an unknown place or a known place, associate with different kind, tribe, religion, lifestyle, character etc of people so prepare your mind for that. In the camp, you will confront stress of different type so as to prepare you for any challenge that may confront you outside the camp. You will not find it too comfortable. Ensure you arrive at the camp early.

best nysc ppa in bayelsa

If you are posted to a far state, go the day before the camp opens, you will be allow into the camp. Late arrival will make you go through registration stress. The screening starts at the entrance of the camp gate.

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Your loads are open and properly search. Then the paper registrations proper follow. Try as much as possible to make everything available. Look out for information pasted on notice board or walls and adhere to all the instructions given. You will get all your camp kits like shirts, shorts and shoes.

That will be your temporary ID card. Ensure you carry it everywhere you go MTN in camp. Also a meal ticket will be given to you. Misplace it and forget about NYSC food.

Best Sample and Format of NYSC Request Letter

Read- Learn how to protect your yourself from domestic danger while in camp. List of Business you can start with little capital while you are still camping. How to earn cool dollars on facebook account in camp.

Your email address will not be published. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. Notify me of new posts by email. Jobs in Adamawa State. Jobs in Akwa Ibom State. Jobs in Anambra State. Jobs in Bauchi State. Jobs in Bayelsa State. Jobs in Benue State. Jobs in Cross River State. Jobs in Delta State. Jobs in Ebonyi State.

Jobs in Edo State. Jobs in Enugu State.Are you looking for the correct NYSC request letter format? Youth Corp members and their employers from Nigeria often have to write a request letter, and since this is a formal document, it has particular requirements and set of rules to follow.

We want to share a good NYSC request letter sample with you to ease your task. Many young men and women from Nigeria who have just graduated from a higher educational institution or college are hardworking, motivated, and friendly people.

They can become a great part of any developing company because they have enough strength, energy, and enthusiasm to learn new things, grow personally and professionally, work days and nights and help their firm to complete different projects and tasks. However, the company cannot just ask NYSC members to work for them. It is necessary to write a request letter to ask for young corpers help from the state officials. It is necessary to use a particular format of NYSC request letter, and below you will learn more about this type of document.

If any business or organization is interested in hiring a young woman or man who is being posted for the 1-serving year by NYSC, it has to write an official letter following the format of NYSC request letter. This is the only method of getting NYSC members to work at your firm. Just like any other request letter, this document has to be written in the official language. It should meet the following requirements:. Therefore, you have to be short, polite and formal.

It is always better to stick to 1 or 2 paragraphs and avoid writing longer request letters for National Youth Service Corps.

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This way you can expect the scheme organization to reply your letter with a positive solution as soon as possible. Opening paragraph — you should introduce your Nigerian company in 1 sentence. Use a couple of more sentences to state the request for NYSC members posting and clearly explain why you are asking for their help. Closing paragraph — it is better to try and call for action.

You would like to receive a response, so be very polite and gently provide the date by which you would be happy to receive the reply explaining your reasons. When it comes to following the right NYSC request letter format, reading just the requirements is never enough. It is always better to see an example of such a document with your own eyes.

Following a sample is always easier than writing a letter completely from scratch. It is just a sample, but you can follow it if your organization or company wishes a particular Corp member to be posted to your firm for primary PPA. We hope you find our post helpful. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment.

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